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Now...which tea.

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I can't decide. Meh.

Bavarian Wild Berry
Sugar Plum Spice
Irish Breakfast
Vanilla Caramel Truffle
Wild Berry Zinger
Orange Spice
Mango Peach White Tea
Raspberry Herbal
Pumpkin Spice Autumnal Blend
Tazo Refresh
Tazo Awake
Tazo Passion
Tazo Wild Sweet Orange
Tazo Calm
Tazo Zen
Coconut Mango Oolong
Lemon Ginger Herbal
Chai Green tea
Chai Spice black tea
Chrysanthemum tea
Jasmine Green
Orange Passionfruit herbal

And that's not even all of them.
...I'm getting a headache.
And I feel like Ramona Flowers.

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On July 18th, 2011 09:25 pm (UTC), covalence commented:
Tea Time
Let me get some hot water for you .. which cup would you like me to put it in? Surprise you no problem kiddo. Have you picked one out yet?
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On September 18th, 2011 11:09 am (UTC), faeriequeen replied:
Re: Tea Time
Methinks I'd like my big purple Eeyore cup. It has such a nice comforting handle. Did you use the old china kettle I got in Okinawa? That one makes the tea taste better. I've decided on the Coconut Mango Oolong. It sounds so Spring-y and I don't need sugar, it's so sweet. Helps me imagine the snow is all melty and my tulips survived. And you, though you may be thousands of miles away...there will always be two tea cups at my table.
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