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It is, indeed, snowing. Was only supposed to rain. Looks like a blizzard out there. Damn the snow! I want Spring. My tulips are still struggling to survive. Well, look on the brightside. Hmm. There's got to be one. Trying desperately to find one. Oh yes. At least we have a heater to keep warm. Were it July, we would be roasting, as we have no air conditioner. There. Another brightside. I no longer am slinking outside to smoke, therefore am in no way uncomfortable. Except for my back. For which I am either going to get epidural like shots or an MRI. Or both. Meh. Forget that one. I'll make some tea and maybe put on that new Morrissey video Steve got. Which reminds me...Journey in the movie TRON? Hells yes. And the soundtrack for SuckerPunch is pretty good. Mostly female and a very stirring rendition of "Asleep". I was ready to spit nails if a cover of my favorite Smiths song blew chunks. But...all is well.
Except for the damn snow.
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discontent discontent
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